32 Things

I turn 32 today! I thought it'd be fun to share 32 things, big and small, about my life... so here we go:

  1. I have always wanted to be a red head.
  2. I was a competitive swimmer my entire life. I guess “competitive” is doing a lot of work there- I wasn’t ever great, but I swam on a team from the age of 7 years old.
  3. Speaking of competitive, I’m not a competitive person. The first fight my now-husband and I got in was during a game of Cranium because I wasn’t molding clay fast enough.
  4. I became a Christian in 2011 when I was a freshman in college.
  5. I went to college at the University of South Alabama in Mobile #gojags #southinyourmouth
  6. I am a Chi Omega #XO
  7. I’ve played piano for as long as I can remember.
  8. I’ve also struggled with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember.
  9. I was a villager/plate in Orchard Park’s 2007 production of Beauty & The Beast.
  10. I cannot sing well but I LOVE musical theater. If I could wish for one ability, I would choose to be able to sing.
  11. I love to read. And I love Harry Potter. I have reread the series every year since 1998.
  12. Making lists & organizing things brings me so much joy. I wish I could organize people’s lives for like, a job.
  13. I hate cooking. I’m thankful that through the years Jesus has given me joy in providing meals for my family, but I still don’t enjoy actually doing it.
  14. We are in a season of waiting right now. We are done with biological kids and waiting on God’s timing to move into pursuing foster care. Our current house is not big enough and we are working on finding a new place and settling in. But I have four friends who had their fifth baby when we “should have” been having ours and I’ll admit, it’s been hard for me to find purpose in the waiting.
  15. I’m an Enneagram 5! And an INFP. And I for sure think my enneagram number is the worst of all the enneagram numbers. For example: Hannibal Lector is also an Enneagram 5. And the Grinch. NOT GREAT COMPANY, Y’ALL.
  16. I love The Office. Because of the humor and also because my husband and I started watching it together in college (with his loft full of roommates) and it’s just super nostalgic. Other favorite shows: Schitt’s Creek, New Girl, Parks & Rec, Friends (didn’t age well), and we’re finishing The Good Place this week! Basically we love Michael Schur.
  17. I’m passionate about memory keeping, mostly because I’m not great at remembering things.
  18. I don’t watch scary or intense show or movies, except The West Wing. Is that intense? I think so. #bartlettforamerica It was honestly the show Parenthood that ruined me. We watched it and I remember thinking “This is SO DUMB. Real life is so hard all by itself. Why am I watching something that makes me weep?”
  19. I love coffee. I love coffee. I love coffee. If I say that three times, will coffee appear? Or is that just Bloody Mary? #90’skidsleepoverreference
  20. I prefer salty over sweet.
  21. I love cheese and bread. I think if I could choose one food to eat forever, it would be bread.
  22. I hate Nutella. Don’t @ me.
  23. I wanted to start a business with my cousin in elementary school called “String & Things” where we made and sold friendship bracelets.
  24. I was born and raised in Western New York. My husband and I met in college and stayed in Alabama for two years after we were married and then moved back to where I grew up. I’ve lived in Hamburg, Orchard Park, East Aurora, and Springville.
  25. I was obsessed with Beanie Babies… like every 1980’s kid.
  26. I’ve run four half marathons.
  27. I got a full scholarship to college because I was New York State’s Junior Miss in 2007.
  28. I have a younger brother and sister.
  29. I have a heart for adoption and foster care, and I’ve had since I was a child. It has always felt like it would be part of my story.
  30. I am an evangelical Christian who tends to vote democratic. WOOF that’s the scariest one to type.
  31. I love hiking. My favorite thing to do with my people is pack a backpack full of snack and find a gorge to hike for the day. My favorite date is a long, kid-free hike. I’m so thankful to live in a part of the country with just breathtaking scenery and nature for us to experience.
  32. I am a person who likes endings. I like things to be neat and clean and wrapped up and finished. I want to be done with my list. You want to know what isn’t like that? Ever? LIFE. The last few weeks I’ve been meditating on this quote from C.S. Lewis’ “The Last Battle”: “…further up and further in…”. In context, the characters of Narnia have finally reached Aslan’s country and are finding deeper beauty and greater joy the further they go. And friend, do I want that to be true of my life. Is it weird if I pray here? God, I want that to be true of my life. I feel it in my soul. I used to think that I’d feel… arrived… one day. I’d feel like my marriage was good and set. That I’d figured out parenting and my kids were good. That I’d read and understood God’s Word and knew what He wanted of me. That I’d have a firm grasp on who *I* was. I think I’m learning now that that feeling doesn’t come. And in the midst of 2020, that truth rocked me a little. But now I feel like I’m coming to a place where I can learn to embrace it. Man, it’s cliché, but I’m learning to take things a day at a time and just BE where I am, but also to be looking forward to what is coming next. “Further up and further in.”

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